If you are interested in collaborating with other classrooms on your VoiceThread Project, please add your contact information here
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Name and contact details
Time Period
Liat Rothfeld
Hillel Day School
Farmington Hills, Michigan
K-4 Technology Teacher
I'm a K-4th grade technology teacher, and have used VoiceThread for years with all of those grades for a variety of purposes. I've used it to have students share stories they have written and illustrated, to share visually and verbally some of Dr. Martin Luther King's dreams and some of their own ideas for improving the world, to create a "Where in the World Am I" presentation where each 4th grader uploads a picture with clues and gives more clues verbally, to help the user guess the country, had 1st graders create books on what they're Thankful for (around Thanksgiving time), and more. I would love to use VoiceThread to connect my students with students in other states and/or countries, in any or all of the K-4th grades. I'm open to ideas, whether it's related to what I've described above or something completely different...fiction, nonfiction, book reviews...learning about similarities and differences in different locations and cultures, sharing stories students have created/illustrated and commenting, surveys, sharing perspectives and solutions to real world problems...the sky's the limit. Also able to interact through skype, wikispaces, and blogging.
2012-2013 school year.
Clair Taylor
Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University
A group of 17 first year university EFL students (18, 19 years old) will upload a photo of a meal or dish they are about to eat, and describe it in English on VoiceThread. We hope students in other countries will do the same, and we can all enjoy the presentations and make comments and ask questions. The students are low intermediate level.
June 2012

Bryan Ruffin
Twitter: @Rumbabumbum
Facebook: Bryan Ruffin
Bertie Middle School, Windsor, NC 6-8 Language Arts
I teach 7th grade language arts. I am interested in collaborating with other teachers to have our students complete assignments, projects, etc. I am totally new to voicethread, but I have a passion for incorporating technology into the classroom and am confident that our students can do great things. So excited!
Ongoing, posted September 1, 2011

Sharin Tebo
Twitter: @virgilalligator
Skype: virgilalligator
Berkeley International School, Bangkok Thailand
PK-7 IT, all subjects
I just started as an IT teacher at a brand new American International School in Bangkok, Thailand. I service students in PK-7th grades, and PK starts at age 2! I am BRAND NEW to Voicethread and would very much like to collaborate with others from the US (CA if possible, since we have adopted CA curriculum) via VoiceThread and possible Skype. I am thinking probably grades 4 and up.
To begin August 2011

Kevin Jarrett
Twitter: @kjarrett
Skype: kevin.jarrett
Northfield Community School, Northfield, NJ.
K-8, all subjects.
I teach in the elementary computer lab (K-4) but our entire school (incl. 5-8) is interested in collaborations. Here is an example collab we did in Kindergarten with educators from Canada: http://voicethread.com/share/809450/. Can use other technologies too, Skype, etc.
Ongoing, posted August 2010
Wakesha Fogle
Northwood Middle School
6th-8th Math
Greenville, SC
I teach grades 6th, 7th, and 8th Mathematics. I am looking for teachers to collaborate using Voicethread, and also projects using video-conferencing software such as Skype.
Ongoing posted 12/09
Mona Edwards
Carver Middle School, 6th - 8th
Tulsa, OK
We are trying to get teachers and students to participate in web 2.0 apps this year. We are an IB MYP school, so we have a global interest. However, we would love to work with someone just out-of-state. Anyone in Hilo, Hawaii?
Ongoing for 2009-2010 school year
Stephen Aitken
Creative Technology
Capital E
Wellington New Zealand
Refugee Digital Stories - calling a new place home.

Rob Reynolds
Skype revarob
Eureka Public School
Grades k-8
Eureka, MT USA
Looking to help teachers in my district get connected with other classes using Voicethread. If you have a class that would like to collaborate on a project or just share info, please contact me and I'll connect you with a teacher in your grade level.
Audrey Holsten
Cape Fear Academy
Wilmington, NC
My senior (17-18 year olds) English class would love to collaborate on a voicethread with another class regarding Hamlet, Canterbury Tales, Frankenstein, or another text that you are reading or issue that you are studying. Please contact me so that we can arrange this!
August - December
Josh Paluch
jlpaluch @ yahoo.com
Bethesda Elementary
Lawrenceville, GA
Grade 4
My class used Voicethread as a publishing system last year, but we'd love to get some feedback on our projects this year. We'd also like to try collaborating. http://paluchsplace.ed.voicethread.com/#q
Rob McDonald
skype rob.mcdonald17
Class Blog
Taylor Elementary
Swan River ,Manitoba
Grade 2
Have completed 3 threads with my class.
on going
Justin Talmadge
twitter/skype: mrtalmadge
Snoqualmie Middle School
Snoqualmie, WA
7th Grade Social Studies
Would love to do skype conferences as well as experiment with voicethread. I teach Wold History and Washington State History.
Colette Cassinelli
colette.cassinelli [at] gmail.com
Twitter: ccassinelli
La Salle Catholic College Preparatory
near Portland, Oregon
Gr. 9-12, Library & Multimedia/Web Design
HS Book promotions (new 2010-2011)
Connecting Class literature & YA Literature
Meet YA Authors
Service Learning
Digital Storytelling
open to other ideas
Gloria Hrabovecky
Readington Middle school
Readington, New Jersey
Gr.6-8 spanish
Communicative activities
Jim Stewart
twitter: stewartj,
plurk: jstew
cpseltech at gmail.com
Charlotte, Michigan
Media/Technology Teacher K-4
Pen-pal, Community,
Open to other ideas
Mark Carls
Twitter: mcarls
Skype: markcarls
Allegany, NY
Educational Technology Specialist
All grades
Various and looking
to expand to use VT
to connect teachers
from around the world.
Lauriene Abila-Tschang
Twitter: ltschang
St. Augustine of Canterbury School
Kendall Park, NJ
Technology Coordinator and
Curriculum Integrator
All grades
Community sharing,
Book critique,
Seasonal Projects,
Open to other ideas
Mandy Shulman
Twitter: MandyS2
Plurk: MandyS2
2nd Grade, Illinois
Open to any ideas
Possibilities could include seasonal projects, book reviews
Helen Davies
Twitter : helen100463
Collège Mistral - Nice France
11- 15 year olds
Open to any suggestions - my pupils are beginners in English
Till mid June 2009
Jonathan Ferrell
Kansas City Metro Area
6th Grade
Ancient Civilizations (Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, China, Greece, and Rome)
Language Arts
Lorraine Orenchuk
Twitter: lorenchuk
9 th & 12th grade English
Senior?Graduation Project
Asheville, NC
Collaborative projects, Graduation Project, book reviews, and I am open to other areas of study for cross-curricular collaboration.
I am also an Instructional Technology Graduate Student, Ideas for sharing are welcom
Jan Gytri
First/Second Grade Looping
Open to ideas. Collaborative projects in math, book study, science.
Judy Callahan
Twitter: callajud
Middle Tech Coordinator
grades 6-8
Just getting started - maybe some language exchanges? French Chinese Spanish
JoNelle Gardner
Twitter/Skype: jonelleg
kg-5th grade
Collaborative projects for each grade level K-5
eg: 1st gr Tooth Tally, 2nd & 3rdgrds Future Goals & Dreams, 4th Internet Safety and Etiquette
Kathy Rice
Skype: krice57
email: krice@sd57.bc.ca
Harwin Elementary
Prince George, BC
Media Specialist
K to 7
Anything collaborative. We LOVE connecting with other students/teachers from around the globe.
Sue Neese
Twitter: Eleanor_Rigby
sneese at crescent.wednet.edu
Crescent School Dist.
Joyce, WA
6th grade
Looking for some sort of collaboration in language arts / social studies (ancient history) or with FOSS science kits. Open to ideas!
Laurel Gruhn
Twitter: iteachiowa
Skype: lgruhn
email: ljgruhn@east-central.k12.ia.us
East Central Middle
Sabula, IA
7-8 Language Arts
7-8 Computer
School on the Mississippi River looking for another middle school on the river to collaborate with 8th grade technology class.

Brooke Spencer
Twitter: bspencer16
Skype: brookenpt16
email: bspencer@perrydale.k12.or.us
Perrydale School District
Amity, OR
6th Grade
8th Grade LA
Would love to collaborate on anything! I teach all 6th Grade subjects. I'm also the tech person K-12 so if you want to collaborate with a different grade at Perrydale let me know!

Jackie Ionno
Twitter: Taz5175
email: ionnoj@palmbeach.k12.fl.us
Watson B. Duncan MS
Palm Beach Gardens, Fl
6th Grade Math
Looking to collaborate in Math incorporating language and reading skills. Perhaps a logical reasoning activity.
Kathy Favazza
email: kfavazza@reading.k12.ma.us
Parker Middle School
Reading, MA
7th grade math and Algebra 1
Just getting started and would love to collaborate on any math related project

Courtney Kramer
Twitter: acremark
Smith Academy of International Languages
Charlotte, NC
German 6 - 8 Immersion
Would be interested in collaborating on anything German-related. My students' reading and communication skills are very high, because they have been in Immersion since Kindergarten.
We could possibly work on a project with a class doing something about German history as well.
Sheila Adams
Twitter: sheila_a
email: sadams at sau50.org
Skype: kmno4s
Rye Jr. High School
Grade 7 (Science mostly)
We will starting a roadkill project with VT. Anyone can join the project by counting roadkill in March-April. Project in May. http://roadkill.wikispaces.com
Open to other projects, including some for Earth Day, April 22.

Darlene Hubber
Twitter: cesteacher
email: darlenehubber@pallisersd.ab.ca
Coalhurst Elementary School
Alberta, Canada
Grade 5/6
We have done some experimenting with voicethread and have a number of projects, some collaborative. Interested in finding groups willing to comment on our threads or work collaboratively on a project. We are one to one in our classroom and would be willing to comment on your threads, too!

Lori Collins
Twitter: lori2199
email: lcollins at mansd.org
skype: lori2199
Greater Manchester Professional Development Center
Southern NH
I would love to make a connection to a classroom for you either in Manchester, NH or Southern NH. You tell me the grade, content area and project and I will find you a teacher that may be interested!
Lois Smethurst
Twitter: loisath
email: loisath@dcsi.net.au
Berwick Lodge Primary School
Years 2- 6
Victoria, Australia
I would love to connect with classrooms using Skype and or Voicethread.
Kerry Littel
Lake Forest High School
Lake Forest, IL
Head Librarian
Just getting started and am open to new ideas and projects.

Sherry Azaria
e-mail: sazaria@northbrook28.net
twitter: sazaria
Greenbriar Elementary School
Northbrook, IL
Tech Support Specialis
Used VT for projects in grades 1-5 spring semester of last year. Would love to add collaboration with another school.

Diane Quirk
email: dquirk@bville.org
Twitter: quirkytech
Blog: http://quirkytech.blogspot.com
Baldwinsville Central Schools
Baldwinsville, NY
Elementary Instructional Tech Specialist
I am facilitating the setup of our VoiceThread accounts and happy to find the teachers listed here. Would love to help connect other teachers with our teachers. Hope to have our teachers listed here shortly.

Chrissy Youel
email: youelcm@lcps.k12.va.us
blog: http://www.youel2grade.blogspot.com
Louisa Co. Schools
Jouett Elementary
Mineral, VA
2nd Grade
I discovered Voice Thread last year and had my students do several reading projects, one as a group and the other as independent book talks. I am looking to collaborate with another class who will either comment on our threads, or perhaps read the same book and create a collaborate project across the miles! Our school year begins in August, but would love to do this at anytime!
Lindsay Burke

Marc Young
Pacetti Bay Middle School, St. Augustine, FL I

Kennedy Krieger School, Baltimore, MD
teach 8th grade American history and love to collaborate with a class study the same things. Also, Our 8th graders go to Washington, D,C. and I had them create a VoiceThread about some of the places they would be visiting. It wold ne great if a class from that area would be willing to share their thoughts on what's exciting in D.C.!

I am the the technology educator for grades 1-6. I would like to do a project with another school and class.We are doing a robotics club using Lego mindstorms and would like to work with another school. Please e-mail us. We are open to projects throughout the year.

Mary Beth Burns
twitter: mbburns
The Chapin School
k-3 Technology
I am the technology teacher for grades k-3. Our school them this year is global awareness. I would like to collaborate with other schools using VoiceThread. We are an all girls schools in Manhattan. Our 3rd grade studies India, Kenya, China, Australia, and Mexico. Would love to have another school from one of these countries. We are open to VT projects throughout the year.
JamieLynn Griffith
twitter: jgriffith2
skype: jgriffith4
Gail N. Chapman Elementary School
Randolph, NY
2nd Grade Classroom Teacher
Various. Contact us.
Lisa Huff
blog: JustRead!
email: lhuff<at>batesvilleschools<dot>org
English Teacher
10-12 High School
Batesville, AR
I teach English 11 and Advanced Placement English Language. I'm always looking for other collaborators.

Lori Myers Princiotto
twitter: msmyers
email: lori.princiotto@millburn.org
website: www.edline.net/pages/glenwood_es
K-5 Technology
Glenwood School
Short Hills, NJ
Tech specialist for Kindergarten through 5th grades.I see 26 classes in a week and have multi-grade students afterschool, as well. Open to VT w/ anyone! :)

Lynda Van Winkle
K-12 Technology Teacher
I support teachers in the Anchorage School District with the integration of technology. I'm currently working with 7th grade teachers. WE would like to try to collaborate with 7th grade classes from around the world to support our world geography curriculum.

Celia Sharbo
7th grade Spanish
Hoover Middle School
Taylor, MI
I teach 7th grade Spanish and I am looking for any opportunities to have my students interact or communicate on any topic in Spanish, especially if they are getting speaking practice!
monika hardy
twitter: @monk51295
blog: you blog
hs math/leadership coach
we got to pilot a web based math class this year.. this is a ginormous collection of our research and findings. use as you please.
absolutely love voicethread
ongoing - that's why thread is so cool
Staci Payne
5th Grade - All Subjects - Math, LA, science and social studies
Milton, GA
I have never used voice thread, but want to start a collaborative project with another school or schools in the US or worldwide. Probably won't be aboe to start until 2010-2011.
Ongoing - Future 2010-2011
Kate Reid
email: kate.reid@hutchins.tas.edu.au
twitter: @katemreid
blog: Bubbling Over
Teacher Librarian in K-12 school;
I teach Prep - Yr6, some contact with yrs 7 & 8 also
I am introducing my Yr 5 classes to Voicethread - comments would be most welcome in April May 2010.
Also interested in collaborating with other classes around the world
Current project ends June 2010; otherwise ongoing

David Fisher
Skype: davidfisher65
Twitter: davidfisher65
5th Grade-Reading, Writing, Math, but will be happy to collaborate on projects outside these areas
I have worked frequently with VT and love it. I would love to collaborate with another class for several projects during the school year.
Steve Brim
2nd Grade---Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies
I worked with VT last year, mostly with vocabulary development. I would love to collaborate with other classes this year

Lisa Mims
email : lmims@colonial.k12.de.us
Class page: www.lsmall.edublogs.org
5th grade - Reading,
Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies
New Castle,DE
This is my first time using VT. I would love to collaborate with an educator that has used it before. I would love suggestions for class projects.

Shannon Walters
email: swalters@bsdvt.org
The Integrated Arts Academy,
Burlington, Vermont
All Subjects
I've had a fair amount of experience with VT. Looking to make new connections. I would love to collaborate on projects, especially around the arts.

Shaughn O'Neal
Northwestern High School
Kokomo, IN
High School- Family
and Consumer Sciences
I teach many subjects;
Child Development,
Nutrition and Wellness,
Life and Careers, Adult Roles and
Responsibilities, Interpersonal
Relations and a few other classes
Currently using VT in Careers class. I would like to branch to do more collaborative work.
I am always looking for new ways and suggestions to use new technology.
Started 2010-2011
School year
Tara Helkowski
Twitter: @thelkowski
Skype: tara.helkowski
Fauquier County Public Schools
Auburn Middle School - grades 6-8
Warrenton, VA
I am the tech integrator for my school and work with all classrooms
We have used VT within the classroom, but would love to expand to connect with other classrooms around the world. Please visit our latest VoiceThread about Peek at the World: http://voicethread.com/share/1543741/ We'd love hear back with comments!
Ongoing - Starting Nov. 2010
Frances Embury
Skype: fembury
Ministry of Education Mentor
I mentor several teachers in the state of Johor in Malaysia. We are looking for pen pals in Canada because that is my home country. BC or any prairie provinces would be great because the prairie provinces are agricultural based like we are here and BC is a rain forest, just like us too.
Year 1 2 &3
our school year begins in January
Si usted está interesado en colaborar con otros salones de clase en el proyecto VoiceThread, por favor agregue su información de contacto aquí

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Michelle Yu
Skype: mmotley1
Richmond School K-8
Our school is looking to establish global relationships. In particular, our 6-8 Spanish teacher is looking for a Spanish-speaking classroom learning English to correspond with his students so that both classes can practice language and learn about culture.
Fall/winter 2011
Jose Villanueva Herrera
Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola - Perú
Enseño el curso de Ecommerce (comercio electrónico) en forma virtual (on line)
ver voicethread usando livebinders
web del curso
Vengo dictando el curso desde hace dos años, cada alumno en la segunda parte del curso ingresara a un hosting y dominio por un semestre para manejar una web donde practicara la comercialización de productos por internet,