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I'm using Voicethread to publish student works on-line. I teach Visual Art, English and Computer classes at Robert Usher Collegiate in Regina, SK.
I have recently developed the philosophy that student works should be shared with the world. It is one thing for a student to create something for the very small audience that exists in a classroom. It is something entirely different when student works are published on-line and made available for an entire world to view. Usually a student submits an assignment to a teacher who is far too busy, in hopes of receiving some quality feedback. Often the student receives very little feedback, if any at all. In some of the best scenarios, student works are displayed in the school on bulletin boards, or in hall-ways.
Here are a couple of examples.

Follow this link for updates on what we are doing.
Ryan Flood
Regina, SK

High School computer students at Valley Catholic School in Beaverton, OR created Voicethread projects about Careers. All of our samples are located at . Samples provide by Colette Cassinelli.

Jeff Utecht shared these samples of G9 Biology Voicethread Projects from the class of Carol Jordan, a science teacher at his school. Which energy drink will diffuse the best through a cell membrane? by Hoi Chi, Jacob and Michael How does light intensity effect the amount of carbon dioxide produced by a plant? Dong Kyu, Raymond and David How does glucose concentration effect osmosis across a cell membrane? by Vikki, Cara and Wenting Does caffeine effect you heart rate? by Simon, Whitney and Jennifer What is the effect of salt concentration on osmosis in potato cells? by Abie, Ting, Leslie and Bex Does exercise effect a persons heart rate? by Madison, Samantha and Karen Does exercise effect your heart rate? by Holly, Angela and Min Jee Does temperature effect the amount of carbon dioxide gas produced by germinating seeds? by Kevin, Winston and Johnny What is the effect of temperature on the concentration of carbon dioxide produces during yeast respiration? by Lily, David and Faline

Literary Voicethread samples on blog at

Voicethread made for the Many Voices for Darfur project

WHS Art Voicethreads, Maine more to come . . . .


At the Neveh Channah Girls HS, Etzion Bloc, Israel, we used VoiceThread to mount an exhibit of our annual Art Class. These are the pieces created for the students matriculation project along with textual explanations of their work.
Reuven Werber

At the North Shore Country Day School, students and teachers used VoiceThread to develop a conversation about the 13 Days that Changed American History. Students used a variety of digital storytelling tools to create their own segment.

Chemistry lab voicethreads Voicethreads