Grades 6-8 Examples

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The Cigar Box Project
Over the course of a year, students remixed primary source images to create digital collages and historical documentaries. Voicethread played a key role in providing peer feedback (across different classes and schools) as well a powerful way for students to express their historical understanding.

Sixth Grade Digital Insect Collection
6th grade students collected, identified and photographed insects from our school yard. They used digital cameras and proscopes to capture their images for this collection.

Seventh Grade Experience Digital Story
As part of a final project for English, students were asked to create stories of their seventh grade life with six photos.

Hawkesdale P12 College Year 7 Science: Water Cycle Posters

Hawkesdale P12 College Year 7 Science: Separating Mixtures

Great Book Stories
This project demonstrates how VoiceThread can be used to create telecollaborative projects and to breathe new life into book reports. Great Book Stories VoiceThread provides a place for students to share a favorite book and receive feedback.

Renaissance Europe
This VoiceThread project was created by two Grade 8 teachers from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. For the project, students refer to two paintings to explore the lives of women during the Renaissance. Using what they’ve learned through course reading, students prepare a response to questions posed by their teachers.

The assignment was to create a children's story using non-fiction elements from Jack London's The Call of the Wild. Here is one VoiceThread story, titled "The Cold Journey" created by two eighth grade students. Teacher: Donna Hebert, Colorado, USA

VoiceThread on Open Court "Beyond the Notes" Unit Theme

Hawkesdale P12 College project with Mr Arditos class in New York (Year 7 Science/Biology)

Transition project from Year 6 to Year 7 involving schools from the UK, Australia and Thailand. Teacher Steve Kirkpatrick

Use VoiceThread for pre-reading/making predictions before starting a new novel. Have students make predictions about the plot of a novel by posting a picture of an object from the novel. This is an example from the novel, Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliet:

Have students write poems and then find an image that represents/symbolizes their poem and read the poem aloud. Other students may comment on their poem. Example:

Contstitution and Bill of Rights VoiceThread

Summer enrichment program through the Gifted Kids Network for students in grades 2-8. We studied endangered animals and created a virtual zoo using voicethread.
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[Yes, there is real science behind this project! Join us in March, 2009!]

  • Who We Are - Comparing students from Belize (Punta Gorda) and Rye, NH, including favorite foods, # of siblings, etc.

2009 Rebecca Caudill Book Award Reviews from Belle Valley School District in Belleville, IL

Animal Habitat Poetry Collaboration between 8th grade LA and 1st grade classes. 1st grade students were studying animal habitats at the same time 8th grade LA classes were doing their poetry unit. Ah ha, a chance for cross grade level collaboration?

1st grade students came to the LMC to access subscription databases to research animal habitats and then use the info to create imagery. These students used KidPix to illustrate their animal and its habitat. JPEGs of the images were uploaded to Voicethread for 8th grade poets to view for inspiration. The Library Media Specialist recorded all the 8th grade poems to accompany the 1st grade images. Additionally, the LMC also hosted a "poetry slam" session so each 1st grade artist could have their poem read to them by their 8th grade poet/buddy (parents also attended and were directed to the Voicethread).

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